Technical information

The DigiDocService is a SOAP-based web service which is necessary to integrate if you want to add Mobile-ID authentication and signing support to your e-service or application. In addition to Mobile-ID functionality, the service can also be used for creating and administrating digitally signed containers. The service can be used on development platforms that have SOAP 1.0 RPC-encoded support.

DigiDocService web service address
Technical specification certificate​
Supported Mobile-ID solutions

Estonian telecom operators: Elisa, Tele2 and Telia

Lithuanian telecom operators: Bite, Tele2 and Telia

Test service address Test numbers for testing Mobile-ID functionality
Sample applications
Conditions for Use General Terms of Subscriber Agreement apply. In terms of the service contract, DigiDocService is treated as an intermediate layer. 

DigiDocService price list is the same as for Validity Confirmation Service, queries will be added up. DigiDocService web service cannot be used without the service contract of Validity Confirmation Service.

DigiDocService functionality

Service enables:

  • authentification and digital signing using Mobile-ID;
  • certificate validity verification (authentification using ID-card or another smart card);
  • digital signing using ID-card (and another smart card)
  • creation of DigiDoc files;
  • content and signature validity verification of digitally signed files (DigiDoc).
Access to service Based on IP-address
DigiDocService release notes history