Digital document cost-profit calculator

You may have heard people claiming "digital signing is great, but what will I do with loads of digital documents afterwards?
In the end it will all be way too expensive!". 

One of the common myths is that after a decade or so, older digital documents can not be opened with the new programmes and their maintenance is costly. Research carried out by SK showed that digital administration together with digital archiving is a great saving for the company!

Calculate the costs on document management in your company!
  Use digital document cost-profit calculator.

What expenses are taken into account?
The cost-profit calculator takes into account minimum costs incurred during the life of documents.

Management expenses in connection with paper documents:
1. Paper (pricelist of Jajaa Koopiakeskus)
2. Printing (pricelist of Jajaa Koopiakeskus)
3. Working time required for printing documents out and providing customer services (manual signing)
(Statistics Estonia, statistical data on the average monthly salary)
4. Postal services (pricelist of Eesti Post)
5. Archive storage
6. Disposal (pricelist of Infokaitsesüsteemid)

Management expenses in connection to digital documents:
1. SK service (pricelist of SK)
2. Archive storage (pricelist of the Estonian Archivist)
3. Disposal (disposal is a free service provided by the Archivist