Validity confirmation of certificates issued by foreign certifiers

If you would like to grant access to you e-service to, for instance, citizens of Lithuania, you can ask ID-card (or another electronically used identity document) certificate information from SK. The service issues certificate validity information of various states, incl. Finland, Lithuania and Latvia. The list of countries can be increased according to your requests.

Business advantages

To obtain foreign ID-card certificate information you do not need to sign separate contract or configure connections with the service providers of the respective states. The entire process functions via SK where you can obtain certificate validity information about the validity of domestic and foreign certificates.

All e-service portals that want to provide citizens of foreign states with services can subscribe to the foreign certificate validity confirmation service.

How does the service work?

The service is based on OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol), which has been described in Internet standard RFC 2560. OCSP is a simple client-server system where an OCSP client sends to the OCSP responder (server) a query about a certificate and the responder gives a confirmation regarding the certificate, which contains the validity or non-validity of the certificate and the time of giving the confirmation. The reply given by the responder is digitally signed.

OCSP has three replies regarding a certificate:

  • certificate is valid;
  • certificate is not valid;
  • no information about the requested certificate.

OCSP's positive response means that the certificate has been issued and it was valid at the time of giving the confirmation.

Access to the service is limited. Access is granted to the IP address specified in the client agreement. The service cannot be accessed on the basis of an access certificate.


Access to the service is permitted to users of the standard validity confirmation service. The monthly fee depends on the existing package of the standard validity confirmation service.

Additional technical information