User-Based Authentication Service

​The user-based authentication service issuing authentication certificate information is meant, above all, for day-to-day login to computers and to company's internal network.

The service is suitable for internal systems (e.g. domain login), which require identification, as well as for public e-services that, in the interests of security, can be accessed only by an ID-card and no digital signatures are given in the e-service.

Business advantages

Electronic identification by an ID-card is in several ways better and securer than a username and password. Upon authentication by ID-card you can be certain that the right data is obtained from the card and the document is in the hands of the right person – this way the service provider’s risk of receiving false information from the user is reduced. Furthermore, all service providers can provide their services directly and securely to all ID-card holders without prior registration. It is also convenient for users, because they do not have to remember different usernames or passwords – the same card and PIN apply to all services.

If you do not need digital signing in your services, the user-based authentication aervice is a good alternative to validity confirmation service.


Logging into domain with an ID-card

In order to configure one’s domain you do not need to install additional components. In order to make the work of the administrator easier, we have compiled a manual and a script for easier administration of certificates. Additional information can be found hereThe service specification ensures its impeccable operation with Windows Server 2008/2012 servers, as well as Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 client computers.

Windows Minidriver is necessary for domain login. Windows Minidriver is downloadable together with ID-software at

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Order user-based authentication service



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