TLS Server Certificate

What is TLS Server Certificate?

The TLS Server Certificate ensures a secure online communication even when it takes place over the public Internet. It also remarkably increases the reliability of your website among your customers.

The TLS Server Certificate is located in the user’s web server and ensures a secure Internet connection. If the customer's web browser contacts a web server that is equipped with a TLS Server Certificate, it will encrypt the connection. The TLS Server Certificate is issued to the HTTPS server and it certifies the authenticity of the owner of the web server. 

A TLS Server Certificate on the Internet is a sign of trust. An issued TLS Server Certificate means that the owner has been identified. In the event of ordering the certificate, SK verifies, whether the website for which the certificate is requested belongs to the given institution and whether its representative has the right to order the certificate on behalf of the institution.

The root certificate of SK has been officially recognised in the most widely used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari and Chrome. 

What is SAN certificate (Multi-DNS certificate)?

SAN certificate (Subject Alternative Name) is a traditional web server certificate, yet enables to protect several web addresses using only one certificate. SK allows to name an unlimited number of web addresses under one SAN certificate.

If you need certificates for several webs controlled by yourself, use the SAN certificate. The price is much less than it would be for ten several web server certificates.


Examine the documents applicable for TLS Server Certificates: Policy, ProfileCertification Practice Statement and Conditions for Use.

You can order the certificate via SK's e-service and the certificate will be issued within 5 working days according to SK's certification practice statement.

Create a certificate application file (CSR) for the web server for which you require the certificate. More specific instructions can be found in the software documentation of your web server. If you are not administering your web server yourself, contact the server host or the service provider and they will create the CSR file on your behalf.

TLS Server Certificate configuration instructions for the following servers:

  • Windows 2012 (IIS8), PDF
  • Apache, PDF

We only issue 2048-bit key certificates.


See the price of TLS Server Certificate here.

The 14-day free exchange term is applicable to the TLS Server Certificates.

Additional technical information

Certification chain of TLS Server Certificate is the following:
TLS Server Certificate->KLASS3-SK 2016->EE Certification Centre Root CA

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Order TLS server certificate



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