What is Smart-ID?

Smart-ID is the new generation electronic identity. The solution is developed to use conveniently on smart devices, while still keeping high level of security. Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate customers online.

Smart-ID utilizes the user's smart device as the tool for user authentication and electronic signing. Smart-ID can be used simply on a modern smartphone or a tablet, no special SIM-cards or card-readers are needed. 

Why to add Smart-ID to your e-service?

Smart-ID can be used to authenticate user in different e-services (e.g. internet bank) or to provide electronic signatures. Smart-ID signatures are compliant with eIDAS which means they are recognized in all the European Union's member states. 

SK is building Smart-ID service as an international scheme, therefore, eID issued in one country can be used in another as well. So, in the future, Smart-ID could be the user’s key to many e-services across the EU.

Benefits of Smart-ID:

  • Convenient and fast solution
  • Cross-country usage – same Smart-ID works in different countries
  • Legally binding signatures
  • Multi-device usage

Smart-ID is safe:

  • Innovative solution – uses advanced cryptography
  • High level of security – proven PKI principles
  • Non-repudiation of operations
  • Strong authentication
  • Advanced clone detection


Try the free demo

Easy and secure access via Smart-ID attracts more customers to your e-service. Smart-ID solution is based on a simple REST API that can be easily used from all modern development frameworks. Be innovative – add Smart-ID to your e-service today!

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Ease of use 

For your customer, Smart-ID is:

  • easy – getting started by downloading Smart-ID app;
  • convenient – Smart-ID is in the smart device and always within an easy reach;
  • safe – safe and secure way of electronic identification and signing.

Smart-ID application works on iOS and Android operating systems. The app is multilingual, supporting in addition to English and Russian, all three Baltic states’ languages - Estonian, Latvian, as well as Lithuanian. App’s user interface is built simple and intuitive, allowing users to perform registration process, authentication, signing confirmation, and account management. 

Smart-ID can be used on multiple smart devices. The user needs to register different Smart-ID accounts for devices – this only needs to be done once per device. 


Smart-ID is based on known and proven principles of public key cryptography. Compared to other possible user authentication technologies, such as PIN-calculators or one-time-use PIN-codes sent over the SMS channel, the PKI and digital signature approach gives the following benefits: high level of security, non-repudiation of operations, strong authentication and signatures recognized all over the EU. Smart-ID solution uses advanced cryptographic methods to protect the user's private key.

Smart-ID uses two factor authentication, it can be used in combination of what the user has – smart device – and what the user knows – PIN codes.

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Add Smart-ID support to your e-service!


Order Smart-ID

Add Smart-ID support to your e-service!



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