Certificate for Encryption

Certificate for Encryption is meant for encrypting data. It secures the protection of data by disabling third parties to access it


How does the Certificate for Encryption work?

Certificate for Encryption can be used by all juridical persons.

Certificates for Encryption issued by SK can be found from LDAP directory.

The person encrypting data finds the Certificate for Encryption from LDAP directory, encrypts the data with it and sends the encrypted data to the owner of the certificate.

Encrypted information can only be accessed by the owner of the certificate. If the person encrypting the data wishes to open the encrypted files himself, his own certificate must be added.


See the price of the Certificate for Encryption here.

The 14-day free exchange term is applicable to Certificate for Encryption.

Additional technical information

Software for crypto-stick can be downloaded from here.

Instructions for cryptostick initialization, key pair and CSR generation can be found from here.

Certification chain of Certificate for Encryption is the following:

Certificate for Encryption->KLASS3-SK 2010->JUUR-SK

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Order Certificate for Encryption



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