Digital stamp

Digitempli teenuse piltDigital stamp that is used for certifying digital documents proves that electronically sent documents or other information really originates from the institution that sent them. A digital stamp certifies that the respective institution is associated with the specific document and the document has not been altered in the meantime.

The digital stamp can be used by enterprises, state and local authorities, self-employed persons and holders of a public office.

The digital stamp can be used along with a digital signature as well as without it. Using a digital stamp certificate along with the person’s digital signature you can be certain that the person who signed the document is authorised to sign documents on behalf of the respective enterprise.

Business advantages

The digital stamp saves your time and costs, because instead of manual administration of former paper documents you can certify and send documents digitally. The digital stamp makes documents forgery-proof and customers can carry out their operations more quickly and conveniently.


Banks issue payment order confirmations that certify payments being made and are equipped with the digital stamp. The digital stamp is also used in real property valuation reports, in powers of attorney sent to the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre by leasing companies and in certificates issued by the National Examination and Qualifications Centre.

How does the digital stamp work?

An application for the desired digital stamp certificate can be submitted in the webpage of Sertifitseerimiskeskus and the certificate will be issued within 5 working days. A digital stamp certificate is issued to the authorised representative of the institution on a smart card or crypto-stick. The use of the digital stamp is similar to the ID card, because the time of giving the stamp certificate and the validity information is added to the document. The digital stamp can be used with DigiDoc software and with the TempelPlus software offered by Sertifitseerimiskeskus. The digital stamp solution can be integrated into most information systems.


See the price of digital stamp here.

The 14-day free exchange term is applicable to digital stamp certificates.

Additional technical information

Helpful information about initializing crypto-stick and generating CSR (Certificate Signing Request) can be found here.

At the moment eToken crypto-stick is supported in the following environments:

  • Windows (starting from Windows XP), Mac OS X (starting from 10.6.8), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise)
  • Windows (Vista, W7, W8) with DigiDoc3 Client and Crypto starting from version 3.7. Additional settings are needed at versions 3.5 and 3.6 and when using XP. The exact guidelines can be found here.
  • SK TempelPlus in Linux and Windows server

SK is currently engaged in testing additional environments. However, the manufacturer of eToken has forwarded us drivers of Windows, Linux and Mac for different environments. If you feel the need to use drivers untested and unsupported by SK, please contact us on e-mail support[A]sk.ee.

Certification chain of the certificate of digital stamp is the following:

digital stamp->KLASS3-SK 2010->JUUR-SK

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Order digital stamp



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