LDAP directory service

SK’s public directory service is available via the LDAP at ( The directory contains the following information:

  • SK certifiers’ certificates and current revocation lists
  • Valid certificates issued for personal identification documents
  • All issued institution certificates
The directory does not contain private Mobile-ID certificates. When a personal certificate is suspended or revoked, it is removed from the directory. Expired personal certificates are removed from the directory during the first day after the expiry date.
The directory server is available in all applications with LDAP support. The precise technical instructions of directory usage can be viewed in the technical description of SK’s LDAP directory usage.

The directory functionality includes usage in Windows operating systems and such e-mail software as Outlook and Outlook Express to search for personal e-mail addresses and certificates. Each person’s authentication certificate contains his/her e-mail address on the server for sending of both ordinary e-mails and those encrypted with the person’s certificate.