The ID-helpline assists ID-card and Mobile-ID users 24/7 by phone (1777 or +372 677 3377), e-mail (abi[A] and in web environments and Support is available in Estonian, Russian and English.


  • assists end users in getting familiar with and using the ID-card and Mobile-ID, e-services, and in giving digital signatures;
  • advises end users in starting to use ID-software and in resolving the related problems. The ID-software (e.g. DigiDoc Client) is necessary for using the functionality relating to the ID-card;
  • provides information about the possibilities of use of the ID-card and Mobile-ID, including web services with the respective support;
  • gives information about interruptions in using services provided by e-service providers (if the service providers give such information) as well as of interruptions in the use of the ID-card and/or Mobile-ID;
  • gives information about ID training, registers people for training;
  • suspends ID-card certificates (e.g. if it is suspected that the ID-card has been lost and it may be misused). One cannot digitally sign documents or make other operations in an electronic environment if the certificates have been suspended.