About SK

SK ID Solutions (SK) specializes in international e-identity solutions. We are the partner of the Estonian state in issuing certificates for national identity documents (ID-card, Mobile-ID, Digi-ID, residence permit card and e-resident's Digi-ID). We enable the citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and give digital signatures. SK ID Solutions caters to more than 600 organizations, which include financial, healthcare, and various other private and public sector e-services. Our services in Estonia have more than 600 000 end users.

Our main business:

  • certification and time-stamping service;
  • developing technology and applications for digital signing;
  • validation services.

SK has developed necessary software for using ID-card, including DigiDoc software, which enables to give digital signatures, check the validity of signatures and encrypt data. In addition, SK provides certification service within electronic tachograph project in Denmark. 

SK was founded in 2001, our founders and owners are Swedbank, SEB Bank and Telia Eesti.

Read more about our history here.