Cards for testing

SK issues various test cards for creation and testing of ID card-based applications:

  • test ID-card (2007-2011);
  • test ID-card (since 2012);
  • test digi-ID;
  • test digital stamp on a crypto-stick.


How does the test card work?

The issued test cards have test certificates that are similar to real card certificates, but they cannot be used for giving digital signatures with legal force, because the cardholder does not exist in reality. Therefore SK does not issue validity confirmations to the given signatures. Test cards can be used against SK's test services. Additional information about testing can be found here.

SK issues test cards whose fictitious cardholder name contains the letters Ä or Ž in the UTF-8 coding. This way you can test the character support in your applications. You can access the user manual of the test card here:

The test certificates are valid for 3-5 years and their issuer is TEST of ESTEID-SK 2011 (issued by TEST of EE Certification Centre Root CA).

The test card have been issued to:

  • MÄNNIK, MARI-LIIS, 47101010033
  • ŽAIKOVSKI, IGOR, 37101010021

In order to be certain of the functionality of your applications, e-service and other solutions with ID cards of different generations, we recommend testing them in test-DigiDocService

Test card user manual is available here

Test card prices

The price of a test card is EUR 32. Digital stamp on a crypto-stick is free but the crypto stick costs 50 EUR. The crypto-stick can later be used with the real stamp as well.

The use of a test card in the test services of Sertifitseerimiskeskus is free of charge.

To order the test cards, fill in an application or send an e-mail to info[A] The one-off test card issue fee is EUR 32 and you can get the cards from SK’s office at Pärnu mnt 141.